A little bit About Me


Hey everyone! I'm Taylor. I am a Registered Nurse by degree and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I am also a:  Health Coach Mindset Coach Weight Loss Coach + Spiritual Coach & Meditation Coach, Energy Healing Coach and Manifesting Law of Attraction Coach. 

I have a passion for preventing many of today's chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, & diabetes, with a holistic approach to wellness, and a whole food, plant based diet and lifestyle.  

After I adopted a whole food, primarily plant based way of eating, everything changed.  I started to lose all the unnecessary weight, I wasn't exhausted and tired all the time, my cholesterol and blood pressure went down, and I accomplished all of this naturally without excessive workouts, surgery, or pills. I began adopting more holistic natural eating methods, including mindful and intuitive eating.


By eating a more natural diet, it also brought me clearer and brighter skin, improved digestion, and improve my overall health and wellbeing, my mindset and mental health too!  You will be feeling good and looking great!

From working in hospitals as a RN at the bedside, and assisting with clients in the community, I see suffering everyday that doesn't need to happen. I see unhappiness that is a result of poor dietary and lifestyle choices alone. Obesity is the #1 problem in the US and heart disease is out #1 killer, both of which are preventable and reversible without pills or procedures.  


Chronic disease issues are the most common complaint in hospitals, yet they are not equipped to deal with.  Chronic disease management needs a holistic approach to healing.


If you are suffering from weight related health issues, you're ready for true healing, you're sick and tired of being given another pill and calorie restricted diet, and ready to show up for yourself and commit to a healthy lifestyle, schedule a free consultation with me. Let's see what we can discover that will help you start feeling better today!