Burn Fat While You Sleep With These Shocking New Ways to Boost Metabolism & Burn Fat!

Today we are diving into how you can burn fat and boost metabolism... even while you sleep!

First things first, I've got to let you know about the different types of fat we have...

brown fat, beige fat, and white fat.

White fat is what makes up most of our adult bodies. White fat is just fat that serves no good purpose. It just takes up space as fat and stores more fat. 👎

Brown fat makes us burn fat! The more brown fat you have, the more thinner you seem to be. Its purpose is for thermogenesis (calories burned for heat production). When we are born we need brown fat to maintain our body temperatures, and we have special type of fat called brown adipose tissue that uses calories from fat to generate heat in response to cold exposure. Babies have a lot of brown fat, more than adults, but adults can turn on their brown fat or "activate" it to burn fat. Brown fat is located high in our chests, neck and shoulder regions, and backs.

Beige fat cells are scattered all throughout ordinary fat tissue all throughout the body.

Beige fat cells behave like white fat cells until they’re activated through a process called “browning.” After they’re browned, they start to behave like brown fat and burn other white fat for energy.

Fat cells are flexible and can change. Brown fat is brown because it is full of mitochondria- energy power houses that burn fat using iron containing enzymes that give them a deep color. White fat is just the regular fat you see in a cut of meat. Apparently we can form new brown fat cells too, and turn our white fat cells into brown fat (fat burning) machines and boost your metabolic rate. Brown fat activation can also help with blood sugar control, since the activated brown fat actually burns fat and sugar to make heat energy.

Things that help activate brown fat cells and turn on the fat burning machines:👇

Cold temperatures can activate our brown fat. We have temperature-sensitive thermoreceptors in our skin that connect to our nerves and send signals to trigger brown fat activation. Even mild cold exposure like a few hours in a chilly room. Studies have shown those who are exposed to colder temperatures throughout the day burn significantly more fat, but this doesn’t affect hunger and how much calories they are intaking. Turn your house temperates down a few degrees more, especially during the night time so you can boost metabolism while you sleep.

Brown fat can be activated by foods, herbs, spices, beverages..

Particularly spicy foods! Chili peppers and spicy foods, contain capsaicin, a compound which fits like a lock and key into our thermoreceptors that lead to activation of brown fat. Sprinkle red pepper, chili peppers, or cayenne on to your meal for a boost in metabolism and calories burned.

Short story time: I once had an elderly patient in the hospital when I was working as an RN tell me his secret to long life and health was JALAPENOS.. I think he was definitely on to something! Chili pepper eaters may not only have smaller waists but live longer too, due to the anti-inflammatory, anti-obesogen, antioxidant, and anti-hypertensive effects of spicy foods.

Other herbs that may turn on brown fat:

-Ginger: contains antioxidants, anti-obesogens and anti- inflammatory properties, boosts metabolism and thermogenesis

-Cinnamon: is an antioxidant, improves blood sugar and cholesterol, blood pressure, & triglycerides. It is important to buy ceylon cinnamon not cassia cinnamon which can be toxic!!

-Peppermint and menthol: induced browning of fat cells (menthol is also good for reducing pain, muscle soreness and injury like a cold treatment would)

-Herbal Tea: Studies show drinking tea boosts metabolism, especially green tea extract. Tea is thought to have negative calories since it contains zero calories (without additives) but also makes your burn calories!

-Studies have shown smoking marijuana can actually boost metabolism, and can help with a good night sleep.

There are special antioxidant compounds in tea known as catechins such as EGCG. Green tea, white, & oolong teas (traditional Chinese teas) have more EGCG than black tea. Green tea boosts metabolism without raising heart rate and reduces blood pressure also- because these activate our brown fat!! Great tea helps to induce the white to brown fat and reduce symptoms of cold exposure like shivering. Green tea also is anti inflammatory, lowers cholesterol, and anti carcinogenic (protects against carcinogens which cause cancer). Green tea improves artery function alike any other tea.

Its important to note to NOT add stuff to your tea unless its herbal sweeteners like cinnamon, natural maple syrup, or pure stevia leaf extract. Adding milk to tea prevents the biological beneficial activity if the tea. For example, casin, a protein in milk, wraps itself around the catechins and blocks the function of the thermogenic calorie burning effects. So drink the tea as is, and if at first you do not like it because your taste buds have been hijacked to only like hyper palatable sweet and salty foods, don't be discouraged, your taste buds change as soon as you stop feeding yourself the addicting, hijacking foods and beverages.

Black coffee may also boost metabolism, but definitely wont help you sleep. Stop the intake of caffeine 4-6 hours before bedtime. Black coffee has benefits for our liver and mind, but may worsen acid reflux, bone loss, glaucoma, urinary issues, and of course sleep.

As seen above, studies how shown drinking herbal tea and beverages boosts metabolism, improves circulation, is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Benefits are boosted with spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and spicy herbs like chili pepper. Greens tea also enhances metabolism boost and calorie burning benefits.

Exercise also helps convert beige fat into fat burning machines. Wake up in the morning, take a dip in a cold shower, get your morning workout done, and then make yourself a cup of this Fat Burning Tea so you can boost metabolism and burn fat all day and night👇

Fat Burning Tea Recipe: prepare chai ginger or green tea on stove pot or microwave with 1 cup of water (you can get the green tea I've been using here), add a tsp ginger, and tsp cinnamon, add a tbsp of apple cider vinegar and tsp of fresh lemon juice or lemon peel for enhanced effects.

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