Doing Everything Right But Can't Lose Weight?.. Find Out Why Hormones are at Cause & How to Fix It

The real root causes we get fat comes down to many of things, but it always comes back to our hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers in the body that regulate physiology and behavior and play a key role in regulating our appetite, metabolism, and weight gain.

So let's talk about one of the master hormones in the body that may be at cause for weight issues: insulin. Insulin is a master hormone because it plays major roles in many other metabolic processes in the body. Insulin is what allows our bodies to utilize sugars and other molecules from food. If we do not have insulin, or their is a malfunction with the insulin signaling system, the body would not be able to use the sugar properly, and the sugars would just continue to raise in our blood streams- having serious life threatening side effects.

Insulin is the key 🔑 to utilizing the sugar we eat into our cells to be used for energy. Your body needs sugar (glucose) because it's the primary fuel that makes your muscles, organs, and brain work properly. But glucose can't be used as fuel until it enters your cells. Insulin, is the hormone produced by your pancreas, that unlocks cells so that glucose can enter them. Your body normally always has a certain amount of glucose in the blood stream for your brain and muscles and liver and other cells to function.

Let's talk a root cause of obesity and why you may struggle to lose weight, even if you are doing "everything right". Let me introduce you to a condition known as insulin resistance…. If you have developed this condition, you probably don't even know it, and you have LOST the ability to burn fat. Insulin is the fat making and fat storage hormone. When insulin levels rise, it stops the body from burning fat. Insulin resistance is also what causes Type 2 Diabetes, or rather, whats going on deep inside the body of someone who has type 2 diabetes.

So let me explain, after you have eaten a meal, you have glucose in the blood that goes up, the body stores the excess sugar in your fat and liver cells for later use, the pancreas senses and secretes insulin, the key that opens up the cell (helps the sugar get stored) so that's how the blood sugar lowers again. When you need more sugar in an hour or two your body secretes another hormone called glucagon that tells the body "hey i need some of that sugar your stored". But what happens is this condition of insulin resistance, this process no longer works correctly.

So when we have insulin resistance, the cell does not open up and allow sugar in and you cannot raise your blood sugar again properly. The body has become resistant and does not listen to these hormonal messages. So you develop a condition where you can't lower blood sugar! 😩 Muscles and liver are being deprived… insulin stays elevated. This is insulin resistance- your body produces more and more insulin to try and keep the job done. The body gets fatter and fatter as this progresses. If you have this condition, you have lost the ability to burn fat.

Now with insulin resistance, when your blood sugar goes down (if it does), it doesn't have the ability to bring it back up, so you get intense sugar cravings! Then you want more sugar and junk food and this leads to insulin elevating again and making fat more and more. In this condition you can very easily put on more weight and your body is very good at storing fat. It is quite a vicious cycle!!

What occurs here is signal noise overload, too much insulin and cells stop listening. The body meets resistance and its tired so its starts to tune out. Our muscle cells become resistant to the effect of insulin. What’s gumming up the door locks on our muscle cells, preventing insulin from letting sugar in? Fat. What’s called intramyocellular lipid, or fat inside our muscle cells. This is a results of a high fat diet, highly processed food diet, a diet high in refined carbohydrates, a diet high in animal foods, and more importantly a diet low in nutrient rich, natural, low calorie, plant foods. Chronic stress and chronic inflammation also cause insulin resistance.

Insulin injections are what is sometimes prescribed to type 2 diabetics to lower their blood sugar because they have come to a point of insulin resistance (when the body is no longer listening to the insulin signaling- causing blood sugar to be abnormally elevated). The insulin injections are supposed to lower the blood sugar. Weight gain is a "normal" side effect of taking insulin...

The main issue with giving insulin to "treat" type 2 diabetes is that, in this condition, the body is already resistant to insulin, so why give more? It just creates more resistance (more fat), and therefore prescribing insulin injections is not a proper treatment, it does not cure, fix, or make the disease better- It is a bandaid approach in my opinion. Disclaimer* if you are reading this and you currently take insulin treatments for type 2DM, please talk more with your doctor. Fixing the root cause (insulin resistance) is the correct treatment as evidence shows, and it can be reversed (prevented of course as well), but yes, type 2 diabetes can sometimes if not always be reversed with proper treatment. Check out the evidence from this article here if you must.

MAIN TAKEAWAY: Repair insulin resistance, eat the right foods, reduce stress, reduce inflammation (the primary driver of inflammation is our diets) more on that HERE, and you can fix this issue of insulin resistance, you will lose weight, you will reduce your risk factors of obesity and diabetes (or lessen the current effects), and you will reduce the need for medications, & you will feel and look your best.

So what you have to do to fix this problem, (like I said you probably do not even know you have it) is you have to get the cells of your body to become more sensitive (rather than resistant) to the hormone insulin, and this is done through all the different things that I help my clients through in my online Total Body Transformation Program.

You fix this resistance by nourishing your body, dealing with and reducing all forms of stress (because stress causes insulin resistance & makes your body want to be fat), fixing nutritional starvations, dealing with issues of mental and emotional starvation, all these things and so much more.

By doing this your body will become more sensitive to insulin, your insulin levels lower, you can regulate your blood sugar properly, you will improve your health, your waist will become thinner.

And so, what you need to do is you need to eat more foods that keep your blood sugar stable and has a low insulin index. For example, eating omega 3 fatty acids make your cells very sensitive to the hormone insulin, and so your insulin level's lower. Eating lean protein and plant based protein helps keeps your blood sugar balanced. Live, natural, plant foods also helps your body become more sensitive to insulin and even boosts your metabolism. Having a meal balanced with these three elements nourishes your body and it turns your body into a fat burning machine!

So, by adding these things on a daily basis, the foods that I recommend in my Total Body Transformation, you'll be losing weight in no time.

I hope this helped you realize that weight loss is so complex, and it is not just about calories in and calories out. If you have this insulin resistant condition, your body will still be a fat making machine. You may do everything right, but if this is an underlying issue, then of course you will struggle to lose weight.

But have no fear, you can start fixing your weight issues for good when you start your transformation, you can start now by joining me HERE.

That's all for today,



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