Healthy Eating During a Holiday or Weekend... I Got You!

Practicing mindful and holistic eating can help ease any tension and help you find more peace and joy with food.

Here are 5 quick tips for you to feel better & empowered about your choices!

1. Visualize Success! -Close your eyes and visualize yourself acting out as you would ideally. What would the best version of you do? What would she eat? What would she wear? How would she feel? Visualize yourself overcoming any obstacles, planning ahead, and making healthy choices. You can do my Guided Mindful Eating Meditation and get my more of my healthy guided meditations HERE.

2. Tune Into Your Body Cues- Bring some extra awareness to your internal cues – that is, your feelings of hunger, of fullness, of satisfaction, and overall how your body is feeling. Before eating, take a few deep breaths, then stop for a moment to assess your hunger level – how hungry do you feel? What are you in the mood for? What will be best for you? What will make you feel your best?

3. Give Yourself Permission To Eat!- Food is fuel. Eat food, for fuel, when you are hungry. Eat what sounds good to you. Eat what FEELS good. Then stop when you are full! Maybe set some boundaries. Release any negative thoughts or worries you have about the upcoming weekend or holiday. All that exists is in the present moment, worry is just living in the future, not in the present moment. Be mindful and make conscious decisions.

4. Watch Out For The “All or Nothing Mentality” Stop with the all or nothing. It is not your last supper. Food is available abundantly. And remember that every moment and every meal, is a new opportunity. No matter what you eat, you can tune back into your body for the next meal & you can choose healthier more nourishing foods your next meal. What matters most is what you day in and day out consistently.

5. Set intentions. Set an intention for the day. This will provide a roadmap and reminder for how to live out each day. What we think, we become. Simply put, adopting mindful intentions helps to program your mental operating system. Set out to live in gratitude for the day, gratitude for your life, grateful for your healthy body, eyes that see, a heart that beats, lungs that breathe, a gut that processes food, etc., these are all blessing someone else does not have. What intention will be best for you regarding your personal health and wellness goals?

As always, you are amazing, incredible, worthy, & enough as you are,

and you deserve to invest in yourself and your HEALTH!💕

Stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy!

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