Intro the the Whole- Foodie Lifestyle

I call it a lifestyle, not a diet. "Diets" in and of themselves do not work. Many times people go on a diet for one reason: to lose weight. One may lose 10, 20, even 30 lbs, but when the diet is over, many people gain that all back. When you turn healthy eating and healthy behaviors into daily sustainable habits, it becomes your way of life. Studies have shown that the optimal diet for health and longevity is a plant based, whole foods diet. What this means is eating for health above all else. Eating like a whole foodie is maximizing whole plant foods, while minimizing processed foods and animal based foods. It is not about depriving yourself of foods, but it is about incorporating all the foods your body was designed to eat. The whole foods diet is about eating foods as close to their natural state, with a focus on lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts and seeds.

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