Mindful Eating Guidelines I Follow to Stay Healthy and Lean!

Updated: Mar 23

I started mindful eating practices to really help with my overeating/ mindless eating problems and my unhealthy relationship with food.

Mindful eating is about learning to have trust in yourself again. It's learning what food truly is and how it impacts your body. This will foster a healthier relationship with food and yourself. You will see that you can be in control, you have always been in control,

I want you first to recognize that food does not have morals. It does not make one good or bad. Food is fuel and is healthy on a continuum. Embrace this and find comfort in that, and know that you are always whole, complete, and enough. You are always good enough. Food has nothing to do with that!

Mindful Eating is a combination of paying attention to your food, the purpose of food, where food comes from, the texture and tase of food, moment by moment, bite by bite, without judgment, and with complete awareness.

Mindful eating is taking a moment to pause. You will start your meals by taking a few deep breaths, giving thanks for your meal, and giving gratitude and love for your amazing body and all your blessings. Mindful eating will bring you more peace, self awareness, enhanced health and wellness.

As you practice mindful eating, you will begin shift your perspective on food.

Mindfulness with eating helped me realize that sometimes I would just be eating on auto-pilot, eating without reason or necessity, and eating because I was bored and looking to fill a void.. This was a habit I changed through mindful eating practices. Now I live healthier and happier!

By practicing mindful eating, you are able to savor the moment, enjoy the food without rules, and encourage your full presence for the experience, which makes the overall experience so much better! Indeed if you have weight to lose, it is highly likely that if you adopt this style of eating you will lose weight!

With mindful eating you stop and assess yourself: Am I stressed ? bored? angry? or sad? anxious?Am I just feeling lonely? Or, am I actually physically hungry?... Begin practicing mindfulness of your reactivity and then make a choice based upon that awareness instead.

Really take a second to take inventory of what’s happening and pause to tune in to see why you’re eating... Then you can take it even further and assess your hunger cues. Check out the hunger / fullness scale in the image below! It will help you want to eat the right healthy foods and help you reach your long term goals.

All in all, food is fuel, and that’s really all it needs to be. It shouldn't be the void for pain or for boredom, stress or low vibe feelings... Indeed food can be pleasurable, but we’ve gotta get out of the "pleasure trap" we're stuck in that’s causing us to be sick, overweight, and unhealthy and unhappy with ourselves.

Check out the guideline images below! Save them to your phone for future reference!

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