My tip today for fat loss is... to reduce your intake of animal products and animal flesh. Studies have shown that those who eat vegetarian or plant based diets have smaller waist lines, lower amounts of fat on their bodies, and weigh less than those who eat meat on a daily basis. Researches have actually even tested people having the same caloric intake and found that those eating meat had increased weight gain vs those that were not eating meat. In general, animal protein intake has been associated with increased obesity rates.

One of the many reasons I reduce meat from my diet is because of the high FAT content. The agriculture and meat industry tries to fatten up their meat as much as possible. Reducing meat and animal products from my daily diet has most definitely helped me in my weight-loss and healthy living journey. Since reducing animal products from my diet (and a few other things I'll save for a later date), I've been able shrink my waist line, lower my BMI, reduce my body fat percentage, and to top that, I've never felt better and more confident in my body than I do now!

So lets take chicken for example. It used to be thought of a "lean meat" and probably still is by many people. Well, that is not so much the case anymore. Back in 1896 the USDA deemed chicken 23% protein and less than 2% fat, but today more than 70% of calories in chicken come from FAT (How Not to Diet, 2019). Now chickens have over 1,000 percent more fat than it did then! This is so crazy to me. You've got to be wondering how this happened. Well, this is because the chickens have been genetically modified (one of the leading causes of DNA mutations in humans) to make them contain more fat than protein.. But why? For this industry to do one thing: make more profits.

Those meats with the highest fat to lean ratio are what brings in the most profits. The meats we are served today are NOT health promoting, but rather, disease promoting. The more meat we eat, the fatter we tend to get thus the sicker we get. If you do eat meat on a regular basis, please do yourself a favor and look for free range, grass fed, organic meats. Also, do NOT base your meal around such meat. It should be a side item, and I recommend meat as only 10% of daily calories.

The food industry isn't interested in how to make foods as healthy as possible (unlike me), but more interested in how they can make the most profits. I understand they are a business, but the priorities of this world (in my opinion) should be focused on the health and wellness of humans first and foremost. Not to mention all the additives that are injected in to chickens, they’re literally abused. And did you know that millions of male chickens are killed every year simply because they cannot lay eggs and produce meat...

I should also note that our fat cells hold onto toxins too, so if you're trying to lose fat, ditch the toxic foods. Because of the way our world has been shaped and now functions, so much of our food is actually TOXIC. Meat and animal products also are responsible for producing toxic compounds that then get flooded into our bloodstreams and fat cells when we eat them.

My tips for you: go organic, non GMO, and adopt a whole food, plant based way of eating. This can give you optimal health and permanent weight loss.

And think about the ways animal products are produced. Would you eat meat so often if slaughter houses had glass windows?...

Now if I've got you interested in some plant based meal ideas... Click the link here!

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