My Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight This Holiday Season

This time of year, the Holidays may make you nervous or terrified about gaining weight. It doesn't have to be that way. Do not fear! It will be okay, it's really the day to day stuff that matters most. Also stay tuned till the end, ill be showing you how some of these Holiday dinners actually use some of the healthiest foods to make up the dishes!

The truth about holiday weight gain is this: Maybe you're coming down from a huge Thanksgiving food coma. Maybe you're might be up a few pounds on the scale, and with more holiday parties right around the corner, you feel like putting this whole health and fitness thing on hold until January...

Yep, I’ve done this every year. But the thing is, it’s not the parties, not the pie, wine, rolls, or grandmas casseroles from a few holiday meals that causes people to gain a bunch of weight... it’s the day to day stuff that matters.

When it comes down to managing your weight this season, it comes down to DECIDING. You have three choices to decide between.

1) Decide if you will gain weight

2) Decide if you will maintain weight

3) Decide if you will lose weight

Decide which you will do, which you are willing to do, and then have a plan and act on it!! It literally comes down to that- deciding and being in control.

Here's my best tips to avoid over eating:

Eat when you are hungry. Honor your feeling of fullness. Ask questions about the food. BE MINDFUL! Don't just mindlessly snack because food is available, or you will feel worse at the end of the day! Avoid distractions while eating. Be in-tune with your body and notice how food makes you feel! Chew slowly and thoroughly. Mindful eating is a key element I teach in my weight loss program, and has been crucial in my own success.

Don’t eat to the point of sickness, eat to the point of satisfaction. If you need more later you can have more later. Watch your portion sizes and aim to have a well balanced meal.

Eat high nutrient dense foods before the holiday parties. Fill up on what you know to be healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables ideally). Add more foods high in fiber. Max out your water intake! Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Don't drink you calories.

Prioritize sleep! Sleep deprivation is a leading cause of weight gain as it is a stressor to your body. Prioritize your own self care. You deserve it.

Make a plan to have those less healthful foods so you don’t feel like you “blew it”. When its on your plan, you stick to your plan, and you feel good about yourself. Set limits for yourself if you need to. Stick to your plan and your goals.

Overall it doesn’t really matter what we eat on special occasions, it matters what we do every day. The holidays aren’t everyday. Don’t give yourself the excuse to eat like its a Holiday every single day. Know that if you over eat, and eat past true hunger, yea the scale might go up... but get back on what you know is best for you the next day :)

So enjoy this time! Your mental health is just as important. Give so much thanks! Give thanks for every meal. Give thanks for your body and everything it does for you. Give thanks for whatever you have. Give thanks for whatever your situation may be. Always gratitude. Gratitude is a stress reliever. Stress causes us to gain weight!

Deciding and planning ahead is key. If you decide you want to lose weight then decide that you are going to bring some of your own food, make alternative healthy dishes, fill up on your healthy foods before you go to the party that way you’re not going to the party starving and more likely to binge. The next day (even down to the next meal) decide you’re going to get right back to your own healthy eating plan. And remember the only way to lose weight or lose fat is from a calorie deficit.

Being consistent tumps all. If you want to lose weight and keep it off then slowly losing and building foundational habits is key. You will have good days and bad days but every little step in the right direction is a good one!

It really comes down to deciding, being intentional, and being consistent with your everyday healthy habits! Indeed its the Holiday's but don't just give yourself the excuse that it's not possible to lose weight because it is possible!

I have some good news for you too: What makes up a lot of these holiday dinners are generally nourishing foods. For example, most consist of mashed white potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, stuffing, butternut and acorn squash, cranberries, and a variety of green vegetables, including brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, and green beans. That’s a large amount of starches and vegetables, which tend to be high in fiber, high in vitamins, minerals, & nutrient density compared to what you may eat all year long.

The bottom line. You have three choices. Decide. Stay mindful and conscientious and you may find that you not only prevented weight gain but might even lose weight!

And if you think waiting until the New Year to start a new healthy journey is right for you then so be it, but to me, it's been nothing more than a waste of time 🥴👎

Here’s why waiting until after The New Year sucks:

1. The longer you wait to start, the harder it will be..

2. The longer you wait to feel motivated, the longer that motivation fades.

3. Waiting to be ready is just an excuse.

4. The longer you wait, the longer it'll take to lose the weight you want

5) The longer you wait the harder it will be to develop the habits you'll need to maintain the weight loss for good.

Enjoy your holiday parties when they come. Be mindful. Eat the cake 🍰 Drink the wine 🍷 don’t beat yourself up about it. But don't let a few high-calorie low nutrient holiday meals turn into a whole month of eating off like 💩.

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