Reduce Stress & Weigh Less! What You Didn't Know About Your Inability to Lose Weight

Stress affects nearly every single body system. When your body goes through stress, it affects your ability to lose weight, raises blood sugar, interferes with metabolism, upsets digestion, negatively impact hormones (which cause weight gain), speeds up the aging process, and weakens the immune response. Stress really is a “silent killer”. 

If you're struggling to lose weight, stress may be up against you.

Consider this: If you're always stressed, constantly frustrated, "nothing ever goes your way", always worried about your weight, (or whatever you're worrying about) then you're sending constant negative thoughts to your brain which are stressors to your body.

This form of mental stress affects us much more than we think and can be the #1 reason you experience some form of dis-ease. Mental stress is a result of how you perceive your environment. When you are getting ready for your day, getting dressed, when driving in traffic, making lunch, when browsing the web, using social media, comparing yourself to others, when coming home, making dinner, getting undressed for bed. You may be having negative reactive thoughts all day every day! These negative thoughts are constant stressors to your body.

I would have them every day, all day, for years.  That is (partially) why I couldn't lose weight! That is why I wasn't confident and I was unhappy with my body. I had constant negative thoughts about myself and my body that were hurting me more than I knew.

What's unfortunate is that your brain doesn't understand these mental stressors and considers you to be in a threatened situation. It turns on that stress response that would occur if there really was a physical threat.

You may have this mental stress, along with emotional stress, environmental stress, other internal stress, and spiritual stress that all communicate to your body that there is a threat out there, somewhere, whatever it may be, and you need to be safe, and the body's common reaction to keep you safe is to store fat. 👎 This constant state of stress leads to increased abdominal fat, blood sugar imbalances, hormonal imbalances, impaired circulation, and inflammation. Stress really causes a vicious cycle to occur. This is why you can stress less and weigh less!

When tackling mental and emotional stress, you have to understand that you create our own thoughts and emotions. You must learn to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and learn to control your emotions; it's a growing process and won't happen over night. You may be in the habit of thinking negatively, fearful, and angry all day long without even realizing it. Which can result in... storing fat all day, without even realizing it. 

When positive thoughts are a habit, the stressors of every day don't affect you as much, so you generate fewer stress signals. When you feed your mind with more positive thoughts and positive emotions, your body has less time for negative thoughts. You will feel safer, you have less fear, less anger, and you will have more happiness in your life.

To make this easier: Commit to showing up for yourself and loving yourself everyday and it will lead to self confidence and empowerment. A powerful tool you can use is self affirmations and meditation. I use meditation to bring awareness to my thoughts and my body. Self affirmations are part of my meditations. What I like to do is wake up and get my coffee, tea, etc,. and then take 10 -15 minutes in a meditative state and recite affirmations. I also will do guided visualizations. I help my 1:1 clients through guided meditations and visualizations so if you are interested in learning more please reach out. Here is a list of sayings I have used and you can use for affirmations. Saying these and believing these things like this will help change daily thoughts:

  • I am living in perfect peace, every fear and anxiety melt away today

  • I am relaxed, calm, at ease in all that I do today

  • I am beautiful, confident, and powerful

  • I am worthy and I am capable, I believe in myself

  • Life is good today

  • Life is happening for me 

  • I am safe

  • Weight Loss is easy

  • Health comes naturally to me

  • I am a winner and achieve all that I do

  • I am at my healthiest weight

  • I have the power to control my body

  • I am optimistic, I know good things are happening for me

  • I radiate love and positivity

Eventually, these positive thoughts and beliefs will become part of your daily life, making no room for the negative emotions and stressors that activate your body to store fat. When you change your beliefs, you can transform your mind, body, and soul.

If you're struggling with too many stressors that are causing you to hold on to unnecessary weight, this is exactly what I help my clients with. I help you identify specific stressors within your body and give you action steps to overcome those stressors. With my help you can get to your goals faster and you won't be alone. I am here for education, support, recommendations, and holding you accountable to your goals. If you're ready to make the commitment to yourself to finally lose the weight you deserve, please reach out as I am accepting new clients at this time. You can schedule a time to chat with me over the phone on my scheduling page here. Or you can visit my website and learn more.

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