Shed Excess Weight Fast with My 5 Secrets to Weighing Less!

LOL. Just kidding, well kinda.. Sustainable weight loss (which is what I teach my clients how to achieve) doesn't happen fast. But in my opinion, its worth the wait! I've recently hit my goal body weight after two years of trial and error of different things. The past year I've really nailed the key components to sustainable weight loss and optimal health. I've recently compiled my knowledge and experiences into my 12 week transformation program for those of you looking to make a lifestyle change for the better. But today, I have for you 5 secret tips that have helped me in the long run:

Tip #1 : First and foremost. Change your mindset around food. Food is fuel! It provides us with energy. So my first tip is: Quit. Obsessing. About. Your. Weight. Focus on HEALTH. When we shift the focus from weight loss to health, magical things happen! When we focus on foods that nourish us, give us energy, and make us FEEL good all day long, ending up at a healthy weight is just a side-effect. In fact, focusing solely on weight loss ends up being a terrible tactic for losing weight… as it encourages crash diets & short-term results!⁣ My methods focus on LONG term results. Food indeed should be pleasurable, but should really be viewed as sacred and for the purpose of nourishing and healing our bodies. Mindset is the first task we work on in my 12 week program.

Tip #2 : Show up for yourself everyday from a place of LOVE. Do everything from a place of love. Eat, breathe, think, act, all out of love. Commit to loving yourself fully and unconditionally. Commit to showing your body self love, speaking kindly to yourself, treating your body like your best friend. Switch negative thoughts to positivity and optimism. Treat yourself beautifully because you deserve it! Positive self talk sends happy messages throughout your whole body! This helps with stress reduction and stress makes us hold onto fat. Love yourself where you are at, but always strive to know better and do better for yourself!

Tip #3. Be mindful and intuitive, especially when it comes to your gut. Listen to your body. How do you feel after you eat? Bloated and gassy? Groggy and fatigued? Light and good? Sick and gurgly? Signs of an unhealthy gut include constipation, diarrhea, gas, irregular bowel movements, bloating, skin issues like rashes and acne, weight plateau, and more. There are many things that can be wrong in the gut- all which affect out ability to burn fat and have an optimally functioning body. When you have an unhealthy gut it sends and immune and inflammatory response throughout the body which prevents us from burning fat and can actually make us do the opposite. Many things can go wrong in the digestive system- leaky gut, imbalance of bacteria, slow digestion, poor absorption, just to name a few. These are a few things we tackle in my 12 week program. If you have been on the standard American diet, you are struggling with weight and health issues, it's more than 99% likely there is an imbalance within the digestive system. When the digestive system is out of balance, it will show up in other areas in the body (well this can happen with any imbalance in the body), but true health is a combination of mind and body balance. Ayurvedic holistic medicine claims true health starts in the digestive system.

Tip #4 : Move your body everyday! Your body (especially your gut) needs it! This is part of committing to yourself and showing up for yourself everyday. This doesn't mean spend hours in the gym or long hefty workouts everyday, but just move! Dancing is a great option :) Moving is good for our mental health, improves circulation, can help reduce risk of disease, and lowers insulin resistance (which has a major correlation to obesity) just to name a few benefits. Incorporate all kinds of workouts. Don't be afraid to build Muscle! Muscle is denser than fat. Muscle also increases metabolism and helps us burn fat! Move it or (don't) lose it when it comes to fat! Move it or lose it when it comes to muscle. I make sure to move my body every day whether that be going to the gym, going for a walk, yoga and stretching, swimming in my pool, or dancing around the kitchen. If you sit all day at your job, take 5 minute breaks every hour. Do some stretches, jumping jacks, air squats, leg lifts, you name it. Just get that body movin!

Tip #5 : Keep a food journal. Track what you are doing. You cannot create change if you don't know what is even coming of it. Many times we think we eat healthy and we think we treat ourselves well, but when we actually take a look at what we are putting in our body, it's a totally different story. We tell ourselves stories every day that may be quite different from reality. Keeping a food journal opens your eyes and makes you aware at what you are actually consuming, and empowers you to make better choices! When you journal and track progress you actually have something to measure! Im not saying you have to count and track all of your calories and food (because I don't teach that in my methods as I teach more food freedom), but journaling about new habits, how food makes you feel, if you tried something new, if you had a bad experience with food. If we work together I may suggest tracking your food and calorie intake for a few days or so if you have never done it before to get a sense of what you are actually putting in your body so you can feel empowered to make new changes.

Alright y'all, I really hope these helped! Although, I don't want to just give you tips and tricks that don't really create permanent change, when I know that what you really need is a life transformation, especially if you have been struggling with your weight and health issues for some time. These tips are here as an addition to my life changing coaching programs. But I truly hope you have learned something new today. Any specific topics of interest you want to know more about? Let me know! Send me a message @nursetaywholefoodie! or send me an email at

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