The #1 Thing You Need to Understand to Lose Weight & Keep it Off, and Improve Overall Health

If you want know how to lose weight, to be able to keep it off, and have a healthy body, then you're in the right place. What also may come after you understand this key concept is a healthier mind, healthier skin, and improvement of how you feel physically and mentally. This one thing can help all of these things.

It almost seems magical, like how could this be? How could this be so simple....

It's almost as if we've been blinded and this secret has been hidden from the world.

So what is it?

This key concept is ~the natural calorie density of real food~ which kind of encompasses two things really, 1) being natural, real food and 2) calorie density of these foods. I should add to this- understanding energy balance. Weight loss always comes back to the energy we expend and the energy we intake (from food) indeed. To lose weight, we must be burning more than the calories we are taking in.

This doesn't mean eating less volume of food, this just means eating more foods that are lowest in calories. For a list of these foods lowest in calories, see that blog post HERE (but finish reading this post first)!

The thing is, we have forgotten our true nature. Part of this true nature is to eat the fruit of the earth, and the plants from the earth, (and natural meat or fish in rarer and less frequent occasion, not like it is indulged today). Our true nature is based off of a primarily whole foods, natural, plant based diet. Our true nature is to listen to our bodies, to eat when we need fuel, not spending time counting calories and eating food made in a lab.

These foods that are in our true nature to eat are given to us as a gift, and these foods just so happen to be low in calorie density, which is why they're ideal for someone trying to lose weight. If you are someone trying to lose weight, I can probably bet you have forgotten your true nature, and you've probably gotten away from eating and behaving as nature intended, and that, is a big reason you are where you're at today.

These natural foods that are best for weight loss and health (and I don't mean foods that come in a package that have marketing portraying "made with natural flavors and ingredients", as that is just a marketing scam to fool you). I mean these natural foods from the earth, that can be grown in a garden or on a tree and eaten with little or no processing or no package at all. These foods you find majority in the produce isle... These foods are also highest in health promoting nutrients, and supply all of our essential vitamins, minerals, fibers, and calories that we need to survive and thrive.

When you understand this, you will understand that we are not designed to be sick or ill with preventable diseases caused by lack of good nutrition and lack of other healthy practices that are closest to our true nature. It is then when you will understand you do not have to starve, restrict, and count calories, or do x, y, or z diet. It is then when you will find food freedom and the ability to listen to your body. It is then you will understand your true nature and eat as much as your physical body needs and desires. It is then when you will be at your perfect healthy weight. By doing this you will nourish yourself and your body, and the more you treat your body well, the better you will feel all around.

The more in-tune with the physical body often brings about the same result of the mental and energetic parts of your being. The rest starts to make since and fall into place as well. When you understand this, you are free.

So first realize that we are designed to eat a natural, whole foods, primarily plant based diet. We are designed to eat for the purpose of FUEL. We are designed to listen to our body's hunger and fullness cues. Yes, we are designed to crave higher calorie foods (because our brains are innately preparing us for a famine) but that day never comes. Understand this and then you will be better able to understand the calorie density of these foods. These natural plant foods are the lowest in calories, which means, you can fill up on these foods, stomach fulls, satisfying hunger and meeting your nutritional needs, and still not be taking in too many calories for your body (that is the key to sustainable weight loss).

Here is an image below further explaining calorie density. Oil is not a natural food, the olive, coconut, or whatever food the oil comes from is the natural food. Cheese is the highest fatty food out there, and today, it is consumed in large, excess quantities, with additives and such that cause it to be even higher in fat and calories. That is not as we are designed to consume. Meat comes next, meat will not satisfy your hunger or nutritional needs, and is much higher in calories than the plant foods (of which the animal consumes to get its nutrients). The natural, plant based foods, the potatoes, corn, rice, beans, fruits, and vegetables have the biggest stomach filling and nutrient filling ability with the lowest amount of calories.

It should make clear since you should be eating more of the food on the right side vs the left side... eat more fruits, vegetables, potatoes. rice, beans, and you can weigh less, while getting all the health promoting nutrients you need. The meat, cheese, and oil groups (along with packaged and processed fake foods) should be limited and avoided, especially if weight loss and optimal health is your goal. There are many disease promoting substances and metabolites in these foods as well, that are also known obesogens (fat producing chemicals). There are many reasons to reduce those foods on the left (meat, dairy, oils, and other processed foods).

All in all, if you get back to the basics, eat as you are designed, and adopt a natural, whole foods, plant based way of eating, then there is no longer a need to diet. You will be free from diet culture. You will be free from confusion. You will see that you can be free from many preventable diseases. It will most likely come natural to you, as nature intended it to. Your waist will shrink, your health will improve, and your mind will begin to expand and evolve.

That's all for today. Please like, comment or share this blog post with your network as it greatly helps me, and in doing so you may help improve the life of another. ❤️Please reach out for questions or concerns.

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I hope this helps! Get back to nature you incredible being, your future self awaits you.


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