What the Leading Food & Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know!!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

A lot is coming to surface in the world right now.. which takes me back to the beginning of my journey. When I first started researching alternative therapies I was in college getting my degree in nursing. I was working at the bedside as I started studying how nutrition relates to disease. I was learning that the diseases my patients were suffering from could have been PREVENTED and REVERSED if only they had known about the power of plant based diets.

What really frustrated me and pissed me off was that the food I was serving patients in a hospital for each meal was also feeding their disease, rather than fighting it.. and many times the same effect with drugs. Think about it... what are the leading organizations feeding us? What are they telling us about how to actually live a healthier life? A lot of false education actually... and I know I can help people live a better life.

As I was studying holistic nutrition, I was learning and seeing that just changing the way you eat, could be as effective if not more than some of the leading drugs my patients were taking to help mask the symptoms of their diseases. Notice what I said... the drugs my patients were being prescribed were merely to MASK the SYMPTOMS of disease, not to stop, cure, or reverse. The leading diseases I am speaking of are our top killers, like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke... of which can majority of the time be prevented and reversed with a whole food, plant based diet.

Pills and procedures DO NOT PREVENT disease. Colonoscopies, breast exams, etc., these do not prevent. These catch in place. Drugs do not prevent or cure, they mask the symptoms. They are a band-aid approach. For example, many of my patients I've cared for were recurring patients in the hospital. They were not making lifestyle and diet changes (which are the primary CAUSE) so of course they ended back up in the hospital, needing an increase in their drug doses, or another procedure... never getting rid of the disease.. just masking symptoms as the disease progressed.

Drugs and procedures are over-sold on the benefits without actually telling the truth about how effective and safe they are. Do you know the truth about drugs? Maybe some of the drugs you are taking. Like a cholesterol lowering drug… these don’t actually prevent you from having heart disease, or actually cure the cholesterol. If you don’t stop what you’re doing, you’re just going to have to increase these drugs, while getting more drugs added on, and piling on the side effects (side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs include the most commonly reported: muscle damage, neurological damage, liver damage, increased blood sugar and diabetes risk, etc.)

Is that a risk you're willing to take??

For your own sake, I hope not.. Rather, take a holistic approach eating a healthy, whole food, plant based diet, and lifestyle changes. Why aren’t doctors talking about plant based diets? Well, recommending a change in diet to cure the disease they’re treating you for, won’t bring much profits. Most doctors actually have very little training in nutrition. Their primary training is in medicine... They are pretty well trained to give you that band aid approach. :(

A whole food, plant based diet can prevent, cure, and reverse our common chronic diseases and top killers, and that’s what interested in telling my clients. The truth.

Want to know more about plant based diets and how they may help YOU?

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