What I Wish I Would've Told You Sooner

I am sorry I didn't tell you this before, but my love..

When you accept yourself, you allow self-love to manifest🦋💝🌸...

You must know this!👇

You are enough. you are so enough. You are already perfect in my eyes. You are so amazing as you are, know that. Know that you are a gift to this world. You are here on purpose.

Know that you are so unique and beyond beautiful. You uniqueness makes you beautifully you. Know that you can do anything you put your mind too. You are so worthy. You are worthy of all your desires. Let your desires guide you.

You are so much more than you know, you are so much more than this body. You are so much more than this mind. You are the beautiful presence and essence between. You make this life beautiful by being you. You don’t need anyone else to tell you that because no one else can define your sense of self. Only you can. Stay true to her.

Stay true to that little girl too. Stay true to love, joy, & curiosity. Never dull your light to fit into someones box. Never stop shining to make others feel comfortable. Not everyone is for you. people will love you and hate you no matter what you do, so just be you.

Focus on health first. Talk to yourself kindly, like you would to your best friend or grandma. Treat yourself with love and self care everyday. Love yourself first.

Love your friends and family. Be grateful for everything you have now. Know that you create your reality. Happiness and peace are found within. And know that abundance is available now! It is here for all of us to have.

Think positive. See the good in all things, be the good in all things. See the beauty in all things. Love others. Give freely.

You are a free soul. Nothing belongs to you. Not the thoughts or opinions of others, not even your own. You don’t have to entertain all your thoughts. Only the ones that support your highest good.

All we have is Now. Be present at all times. Presence really is key.

Do what feels good. Eat healthy food. Workout, exercise, dance, sing, and challenge yourself. Get out in nature more. Read good books. Listen to people you admire.

Know that you are so strong. You’re so beautiful. You better believe it!

Follow your heart💖Chase your dreams✨Never stop smiling🤣Never stop being you😘

I love you!!

💕Do you struggle with self love? Are you even AWARE of your self love? Meditate upon this. You are so loved!!

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Taylor Plunk

BSN, RN. Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Women's Holistic Weight Loss & Mindset Coach

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